Monday, April 6, 2009

52 week- April

Hi, here is the start of April. Two hats and two traveling scarves. The hats will be for April (the scarves won't finish until I don't know July? Just marking progress for the start. The first Noro hat (gray and green) is the Rook pattern using Kuryeon. Added a different edging to it 109 yds.! The purple and pink hat is Phannie is so cute (but, I need to rip back about 4 rows boo,hoo.) Jumping in the pond early this month! The two traveling scarves are started progress on one will show progress on the other at the end (same yarn as start.) Then tons of 5" on 18 other scarves, whee. Will complete the KAL around July or August. OTN Grace Lace hat, two pairs of socks andmore dishclothes for a wedding set.

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