Thursday, May 21, 2009

52-week May

Hi, been super busy and sick family all around. Here are the May totals so far. Women's sock progress and one finished. Air Raid sock pattern by Emily B. Miller for Sock Wars IV. I am Past the ribbing and half of the leg section on the second sock. I hope to get it finished before my assasin kills me! She is in Oregon too, so we shall see. Plus the next traveling scarf section that I will count around August. I am now at one sock in five days! The last socks took a whole month for the pair. Yeah for socks. Still working on the Palindrome scarf. I have really bad needles for cables and it is taking longer than I expected.
I am so looking forward to getting the 50 socks book now. They are all so pretty. Thanks ladies for sharing your skills with new sock knitters. I am off to knit like the wind! Knit on!


adrienne said...

you aren't doing sock wars?! you are a crazy woman!

looks great!

jdhforjc said...

Yep. Nutty huh? You all taught me well. And my target is super close. I should hand-deliver it sometime this weekend. I am at the heel flap of the second sock! And in a 1/2 hour it will be one week since I got the pattern! Yeah, for me, practice for the 50 socks book! Too many to choose from though. I keep saying I will make me a pair, maybe in June.