Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winter Frost socks in time for May

Finished my May project of Winter Frost socks by Brenda Lindsay and really enjoyed knitting this pattern. My friend, Jonna, is a wonderful bobbin lace mentor and I'm happy to say that she is becoming hooked on knitting socks and is knitting this pattern in some Patonyle I dyed. This project took 316 yds of Patonyle that I dyed using Landscape dyes. The color is much nicer than the camera shows. I decided to place the socks on the warm hearts afghan I knit for our 40th anniversary last June. I hadn't realized it was designed by our own Dr. Laura until a few days ago. I think it would make a fabulous wedding present with the hearts. It has not been blocked, but will be after this winter (just beginning this week) is over. Meanwhile it will be enjoyed reading by the fire. Gale force winds today (cat 1 cyclone predicted), lots of rain, hail and the peacocks are looking confused. This is the first winter for the new peachicks. Poor little things are huddled close to the windows. Good time to knit an alpaca afghan since it is nice and warm on my lap. On chart E now and hope to have it finished by our 41st in June.


Brenda said...

Glad you enjoyed the sock pattern, your socks look wonderfully soft. Nice Colour as well. I haven't tried that brand of dye, I will definately have to check them out.

I especially love the afghan in your photo, (Dr. Laura - that is one beautiful pattern). I have a niece getting married soon, and I think this would definately make the perfect gift.

This is one of the best things about this group, getting to see all the current and past projects, and getting wonderful projects to add to our "must do lists".

Now off to find that lovely afghan pattern.


jdhforjc said...

Hi, How pretty. I love the color and the blanket it is photographed on too. How large is it? Is is wonderful. I am working on my first cable project and all I can say is wow! One day.......

peacockmom said...

Glad you like the afghan by Dr.Laura. The pattern says 45" x 52". I have not blocked it yet. I used washable merino wool which I actually brought with me from CA. I was surprised to see it was made in Australia when I began to make this project. It is Patons Fireside 8 ply 50 gm=90 meters.

peacockmom said...

I don't know if this yarn is still available. I bought 2 packages of 10 balls when a LYS was closing out about 15 years ago in CA. I have never seen it here in Australia, and would definitely buy it again if I could. If you can get some, give it a try. :)