Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oops, late thank you post!

I recieved CPY yarn for Susan just when I took Nathan to the emergency hospital (ear infections are back. Boo,hoo for my little guy.) He is feeling much better today as you can see!I picked two skeins I have not used yet. One Cotton Chenille in Cocoa and a pretty Kid Merino in New Blues. Not sure which pattern for the chenille (I saw an Ann Budd pattern but I only one skein.) I will do the CPY pattern for the cat paw prints scarf for the Merino. My first lacy scarf too. I can not wait to try them both. THANK YOU for the yarn and perfect timing in it's delivery. It made my day. Jody


kadezmom said...

pretty yarn and hope Nathan is feeling better. Gotta hate ear infections!

jdhforjc said...

He is much better thanks. 1 1/2 socks done in Sock Wars. Thank goodness for the hoiday, no mail. Blessings and prayers to all of the soldiers and families who serve.