Friday, May 22, 2009

announcing "anything goes!" kal

from now until the start of the "tour de france" in july, "anything goes" here at the carefree kal! finish a project, get an entry for a random drawing in july. ufo's, new projects, wip's! have at it! we will have a vote for favorite cpy project if there are enough entries; otherwise, we reserve the right to combine those projects with the 52 week challenge kal favorite.

short list of rules: post a picture of your project in progress (or a picture of your ufo, wip, etc) and of course, post a picture of your finished project. label your post "anything goes." limit of one prize per person. that's it!

kal will run from may 22nd to july 3rd. photos of finished projects must be posted by july 7th to qualify for final drawing.

who can play: if your name is listed on the sidebar, you are set to go. otherwise, contact laura for an invite (see sidebar).

ready, set, KNIT!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

kadezmom said...

what a fun way to pick up my lagging knitting motivation!!! Thank you. :D