Monday, August 31, 2009

mystery socks so far

The "sea gray" color doesn't show properly in my camera, but it a lovely light teal. I had started this project with 2 other yarns and they weren't showing the stitches to advantage. I'm loving this pattern and will knit it again soon. Now that I finally started using the fabulous magic loop method, I think the second sock syndrome won't have such a hold on me. Of course, it could also mean I have double the WIPs. :)


mtannie said...

Yummy socks, my dear; I am guessing that these will NOT be modeled by hubby? :o)

peacockmom said...

Love that concept! However, his size 11 feet wouldn't fit into my size 6. Otherwise, he'd probably do it for me. I'll have Cheryl model them when she visits on my birthday. She might end up with them for Christmas if they fit her well. I will make myself another pair in a peahen green (Dandie's neck is gorgeous) if I can get the right color dyeing it myself.