Wednesday, September 2, 2009

52 week challenge-august

just a reminder that photos of your finished projects must be posted by september 4th to count for the kal.

if you are knitting the mystery sock, you will be able to get double credit for september- 52 week challenge kal (photo of in progress and finished socks must be posted by october 4th) and the mystery sock kal prize drawing (photo of finished socks must be posted by september 3oth).


maz said...

That would be today? Shall we finish by a toe we like? I definitely want to take part in the drawing...

maz said...

Adrienne, my apologies over the pond!
To be able to read properly would be an advantage, LOL. Before vital caffeine infusions I misread 30th for 3rd this morning and felt a kind of panic. Too early to have my brain activated. 30th will be doable :-)