Monday, August 31, 2009

52 Week Challenge - August - finished project

See my project for August. You definitely might get an impression of my A-line shaped body :-). This will be a very cozy, soft and warm sweater used as a shield against the stormy weather we will have within some weeks from now.

Fall is my favourite season of the year: Wonderful and unique sunlight, soft and golden, the earth under your feet not yet too cold, fresh winds and all the beautiful colours that go with autumn leaves and fruit and nuts and late blossoms. As a welcome side effect I can breathe and forget allergies for a while. How I love this time of the year!

Material for the sweater is merino extrafine in darkest green, yardage for certain along the rules.


adrienne said...

absolutely gorgeous, as always, maz!

kadezmom said...

adrienne - get out of my head. You stole my adjective. Maz - put your favorite compliment word in here ____________________. amazing job!

debi's place said...

WOW...want my size??? What pattern did you use?

peacockmom said...

All the comments above were in my head, too! Beautiful as usual and the workmanship is really inspiring.

maz said...

If you keep commenting like this you risk that I show anything I knit, ROFL.

Debi: It is my own design, as usual, based on a stitch pattern that I found and altered a bit to show the movement I like.