Monday, February 1, 2010

February Project start

Here is the start of February's project, and a picture of a UFO that is being finished. Last time I said there would be some nice colors this time. These socks are from Gypsy Girl Creations yarn, here in the Midwest. The large sock is Cosmic Storm and the small one is Winter Solstice. Both are 64 stitches on size 0 needles - only reason for the size difference that I can figure is the needles. Cosmic Storm is on Clover Bamboo and Winter Solstice is on KnitPicks Harmony. If you look closely, you can see little plastic end caps on the Harmony needles. These are from needles that are used to draw blood, the little butterfly needles for people with difficult veins. (The nurses save them for me.) They are quite handy.
The large sock was started in September and put on hold for surgery - I found I could not do socks for a while. Sigh. Anyway, one sock was finished and I had husband try it on. He wanted it a half inch longer. Okay. Knit the second one with modifications and had him try it - success. Ripped out the first sock back to before the heel, about where the small sock is here, and redid it. It's now 5 rows from bindoff. Last night, he told me he's decided he does not like wool socks after all, that they are too hot. Anyone want a slightly used husband, cheap? Comes complete with wool chewing cats.
Hope everyone else is doing well. aj in frozen Milwaukee.


adrienne said...

lol! that is too funny! wonder what he got for dinner?!

aj said...

He got pizza - and he had to go out and get it himself!

adrienne said...

i LOVE it!!! may his toesies freeze in his cotton "walmart" socks!