Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last of January 12/12/12 and gift!

Hi, I finished a pair of socks from the Iron Knitter competetion on Ravelry. Done in Cascade Heritage-tutu. Pattern by Judy Summers. They are size 5 for my mom. Tiny feet compared to mine! I also got a gift for last years 52-week contest. They are perfectly purple and my favorite color! Thanks so so much! They are lovely and being used for round two in IK. Don't expect to go far in this round. You all saw me do a pair of socks in a month and this has it to about two-weeks! The pattern this round is from Janine Le Cras and a totally monsterous lacy thing! So Wish me luck and see you all for the Oympics! Sorry for the wonky pics but my camera is super old. I wish the marker piture was better because they are awesome!

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