Tuesday, February 2, 2010

mlj1954 project progress photo - baby layette

I started the sweater on New Years (it is supposed to be five hours, ha, it isn't. I finished knitting it on the 4th but didn't block or add the buttons, etc. until the 8th. On the 5th I went into the emergency room and had to have my gall bladder removed. Since I was so sick, they admitted me to the hospital and I was on IV antibiotics and morphine. My older sister took this picture. I don't know what she thought was funnier, my trying to knit a baby cap while I was on morphine or that I was trying to figure out the math to get it right. I kept ripping it out and ended up with a very messy ball.

Unfortunately, this is the only progress picture I have. She did take a picture of me but I told her that I would hurt her if she didn't delete it.

I hope this is enough to count.
I thought I had a picture of the blocked sweater except that it only shows my daughter and her boyfriend sitting in front of the fireplace.


adrienne said...

works for me!

and i would have loved to see a picture of YOU trying to knit while under the influence!

MLJ1954 said...

It was ugly. It actually got to the point where I had to toss a bit of the yarn because it was so snarled . . . and you know the part where they say "when you join, be sure not to twist the stitches . . . " I had definite issues with not twisting the stitches.

MLJ1954 said...
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