Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show-off Stranded Socks - Complete For January

I had happened to find this yarn at my LYS and was really taken with the primary colors. I thought that the stranded pattern would work well with the bright colors and never realized this is actually a “little kid” sock yarn!

The pattern was an easy knit and is a very interesting construction. Instead of a standard heel flap and gusset, you actually knit the leg pattern all the way down the back of the leg and put an inverted triangle gusset as you work down. I did mine in a double moss stitch but the pattern has instructions on two other stitches also.

The pattern does eat the yarn up fast though. I used all of the two skeins and had to do the toe of each sock in Knit Picks Essential “Dusk” in order to finish. Probably about 460 yards total.

This is also the fastest I’ve done socks so far. I did the second sock in only 6 days! That may not be fast for some but produced my first knitting related callous!

As you can see my puppy Poky likes them too! =)


adrienne said...

your socks look wonderful! you did a good job! wear your callous with pride!

peacockmom said...

Nice looking socks and adorable puppy. :)