Thursday, February 4, 2010

January project -- posting just in time

Last week I hosted my sister's bridal shower. I added 4 calorimetries to the prize/thankyou basket. Some were started and finished on the airplane ... so they don't all have in-progress pictures. Unfortunately, no one took a picture of my aunt wearing one upside down. And she wasn't even drinking ....

There were 6 ... but the blue one got frogged, as did another greenish/reddish one that went undocumented. They were just too ugly, and I love my sister. That blue one ... way too much like wearing Grover's inelastic pelt.


adrienne said...

grover pelt! LOL! that's funny! i liked grover!

would have enjoyed seeing your granny wearing the calorimetry upside-down. the older generation knows how to have "fun!"

adrienne said...

oops! i meant your aunt!