Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb..Wishing for Spring

The pattern for Round 2 of Iron Knitter. The picot cast on. Just after I finished this cuff......the cable pulled out of my needle. After grabbing another needle one size bigger getting ready to find those stitches laying all over and a few deep breaths, a few hail marys (no I am not catholic but thought it would not hurt) a few swear words, and getting both cats out of the house.

Well that next needle same thing happen. Cable and needle did not want to be together.

Finally got them on another needle and started knitting again. They seemed big but you knit as per pattern.

Finally got to the heels and used the needles from the first accident.

Got to the foot and found a size 2.0mm. Only mods is I continued the diamond pattern down the foot on the sides.
Yep these suckers are way to big for me. So have a wonderful friend that happen to come by and visit just after I took the picture and before I frogged them. Yes, I used the word frog Adrienne. I can spell it, I can type it, I can say it, I just don't like to do it.

Well they fit this friend. So I am blocking them now and will take blocked pictures later. Edited as here they are....all blocked and ready.

Don't ya love my solar lights (the tulip). I have all kinds of them. Guess with as many as I have one could say I collect them.

Waiting for round 3 to start. Date is set for Feb. 12th for that round.


adrienne said...

down by the old frog frog frog frog pond~~~with my pitcher of margaritas! lalalala! frog frog rib-bit! rib-bit!!! lalala! =P

peacockmom said...

What a lucky friend who arrived at just the perfect time. Pretty socks. Good luck on round 3 for those fitting you perfectly. If they are too small, I wear a US 6 AAA. :)

I messed up the heel flap on the 2nd rainbow sock and had to do it over after also knitting several rounds too many in the lace cuff and tinking those. Not a good day knitting yesterday. :(

debi's place said...

I am thinking someone needs to take the glass away from Adrienne.

She has become one with those frog.

Gee and I live in the state that people get web feet living in.

Oh thanks peacockmom for the well wishes. Wish I knew your size on the last pair. It was too small this one too big.

Any day spent knitting is a good day even if you visit the pond.

Kate said...

Those tulips are lights?! How cool ♥. Beautiful socks too.

Brenda said...

Wow, those are beautiful. I am very partial to pink this month.

Like the lights too.

Brenda in Alberta
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