Saturday, October 25, 2008

Better Late Then Never

More progress on my Special Olympic scarf. I like this wavy pattern, it's pretty easy to remember and I found a cool bag to carry the two skeins of yarn in so I can take it with me now and am not linited to working on it just at the house.
This is the baby bib I started and maybe will finish... I hate when I have to keep reading a pattern, I'd much rather knit from memory, but this will have a pattern on a truck on it. Hopefully I will finish it before the baby is born. LOL Using Sugar and Cream cotton haven't figured out the yardage yet, still too soon to tell.

This is a baby blanket I am crocheting for one of my SIL's. The shower was today and I ran out of the blue Caron Simply Soft. Been all over town and can't find anymore, at least not at Walmart. Gonna try AC Moore tomorrow, I am 3/4 done, {{{sigh}}} already used 732 yards.

Still working on Christmas dishcloths for my SIL's. I really like this pattern and plan on making a few more of them, they seem so sturdy yet decorative.

As asked here is the revealed picture of the Breast cancer cloth I used for a KAL earlier this month. I am not exactly happy with the final design result... my heart needs to be tweaked and when I make the second one I will hopefully have that fixed. progress pictures of that cloth to follow later next week.

And I finally got some Crystal Palace yarn and maybe if I can wrap my brain around it I hope to actually make a pair of socks before this challenge ends.

So there you go. I am gonna be BUSY BUSY. Good thing I am about to have majhor surgery and will have lot's of recovery time at home to knit and crochet.

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