Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally I have something to post

I'd been plugging away on previously started projects, so I had nothing to post here until now! But I'm planning to go visit my grandma next weekend, who's in her late 80's, and I thought it would be nice to knit her something, since she's one of the people who taught me to knit. It would have to be something quick, but also something she would like and have use for. I first thought of a bookmark, but then I realized she may not do much reading any more. Then I thought of bed socks. Perfect! Thicker yarn so they won't take too long, but useful, and she should like them.

Here's the first sock in progress (started on Saturday).
Grandma's sock in progress

At this rate I think I should be able to get them done in time. I'm using Encore DK, mainly because it was the only yarn the store had that seemed at all appropriate.

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