Sunday, October 19, 2008

it doesn't count but i love it

I just finished this new hat design with a new colorway of Crystal Palace Puffin yarn - amazingly soft yarn that's perfect for babies. it's done in new Pink print and rosewater (pale pink). I had fun with the mini-cables, and will do a boy's version, either with a non-ruffled sun brim or just rib.

but it doesn't count for this KAL - waaah! b/c i forgot to get a progress pic. used almost an entire ball of puffin pink print in the huge ruffle, and still have almost half a skein left from the hat body!

these are all potatoes from our garden. don't know if you can see but it is 4 varieties
all-blue, peruvian purple, all-red, and red-skin. i'm on south beach this week so can't eat any potatoes, but later the colored ones are lowGI relative to white potatoes and so will be on my meal plan. the wonderful blue ones are also super healthy as the color comes from the anti-oxidant -anthrocyanin i think- that makes blueberries blue and super good for you.

blessings, L

ps the hat pattern will likely be posted as a free pattern shortly - watch puffin free patterns and What's New
for new free patterns you might like.



adrienne said...

the hat is adorable. and the potatoes look yummy. me some!

a moderator who forgets her progress photo. i dunno about this. we can take a vote.

who feels sorry for laura?!

kadezmom said...

I feel your pain. I made a pair of fetching gloves over the weekend. I am hoping I lost the pic somewhere in the computer switch, but I really think I forgot to take one. Ah well. Here's the good news. You have a a great looking hat out of the deal, and my fingerless mitts are quite "fetching"!

thanks for sharing that great hat.

You'll have to let us know how you like the different potato varieties once you are able to sample.

BarbaraME said...

Cute hat, Laura!

So do the potatoes taste like potatoes?