Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two projects in the process

I've been slowly knitting. I keep adding more and more projects, but getting fewer completed. I'm still working on my Knotty or Knice Socks. My first sock is almost done, just need to do one more repeat (yea).
Then on Sunday, I started Winter Twilight Mitts, which is a free pattern on Interweave Knits website.
They were going to be a Christmas gift for my manager at work, but she is leaving us on Friday. Which meant I had to get them started and completed earlier than I wanted. So they will be a cool going away present. They are knitted with Crystal Palace Panda Wool in Red Cinnamon, and KnitPicks Palette in Blue Note Heather. I had both yarns in my stash from previous projects.
Happy knitting everyone.

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jdhforjc said...

great color choices! love it and can not wait to make my own. Too many gifts not enough time.