Friday, October 24, 2008

wrist warmers done

I finished the pair of warmers started on Oct. 12th. Katie wanted one white top and one purple! I knit and crocheted them from a friends pattern. (Never do that- trust me.) I crocheted 24 yds and knit about 70 yds. The novelty yarn was crocheted and the plain purple knit. The crochet total can be added to the baby blanket on the prior post to make it 300yds even. I am not sure where I am on yardage knit. I am just glad to get back to better designers patterns and projects that look and feel better. I am glad Katie likes them because I wont wear them. Has anyone else run into what they concider a failed project? I do know I will make two more anyway so there are even sets before this contest is over.


(ravelry name-knit-frog-knit)

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