Friday, January 23, 2009

52 Week Challenge - Brenda

Jan. 23/09 - Just completed my Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn - Feather & Fan Scarf, total 456 yards (420 Metres) I posted the in progress photo on my earlier post. I still have one full skein of this yarn, don't know what I will make with that yet. The colour repeats are long, and although this is Noro Sock Yarn, I'm not sure I would like to do socks with it. It is a single ply wool yarn, goes from thread thin in one spot to almost worsted bulkiness within inches. Makes for a nubby look as you can see on the close up picture. I don't think this would feel very comfortable in a sock. Perhaps the other ball will become a hat or wrist warmers.

So now it is on to my next project, socks I think. Hope to get another project completed for January.



kadezmom said...


I made a few scarves and hats out of Noro Silk garden Lite this fall, and I love to wear them. Yours with the sock yarn cam out even better.

adrienne said...

i can email you my addy!!! love that scarf. you can make me one with the other skein! grin!

see, you didn't even need the socks to make the minimum mileage for the month...and you plan on another project besides?!

you, go, girl!!!