Thursday, January 22, 2009

ufo KAL

here is a picture of my first "pair" of socks!

the one on the left is elann's sock it to me in a pattern that i have in my head
the one on the right is also a pattern that i have in my head which is suppose to be transformed into a "real" pattern for crystal palace yarns

and LOOK! i am making another "PAIR" just like the first! :oD

the sock on the left is for my bil's christmas present. he's finally decided that he has enough blue socks so i can use a different color now. and, yes, i gave him one finished sock and a ball of yarn. he said he liked his "knit your own sock" socks. i just forgot to give him needles so he gave the whole thing back to me. i had one sock done and needed to do the mate (choke!). and i have had to frog the heel flap more than once because i did not write down how many stitches i used for the heel flap and used too many the first time. then after the second attempt, realized that i didn't knit enough rows BEFORE starting the heel flap. it is dangerous to be "IN" my head. at least my stripes are matching!

the pink panda silk was started almost a year ago. as you can tell, i have been very lax in starting/finishing the second sock and just as lax at writing up the pattern. i LOVE the panda silk and i LOVE the pattern. i just get easily distracted. oh, LOOK! pretty yarn.....


drlaura said...

i love pink and grey or black.
nice job!

kadezmom said...