Saturday, January 24, 2009

You wouldn´t believe it!

Due to an unforeseen stay in hospital I had the opportunity to knit my heart out on my daughter´s sweater. I may call it finished now and my daughter is happy. The pic is poor as she had neither time nor equipment but wanted to give me a pic to demonstrate the finished status. If I may do so, I would very much like to post a better one later on, perhaps with my daughter in it :-)

This is my project for Jan, 52 week KAL, and would you believe it I am very proud of it. For the records: It will qualify for the obligatory 350+ yards...., it´s size L, 650g in Nimbus.
Have cast on for a pair of red socks with a pattern from a Japanese magazine. Pictures of progress will follow when I am back home. Looking forward to seeing your great knitting. That always gives me a boost to persevere. Now off the net again, but soon to be back home.
May all of you have a great weekend coming !


adrienne said...

i am truly impressed with your knitting prowess! i wasn't sure if you would have been able to finish it by the end of the month!

i bow to your greatness!!!!

off to give you your richly deserved "J" for january!

kadezmom said...

I'm sorry to hear about the hospital stay, but wow, your daughter sure benefitted sweater-wise!!! May February be a whole lot smoother for you personally and be as beautiful for you kittingly!!!

drlaura said...


maz said...

Thanks to all of you! Your kindness is what makes this group so special.
@Adrienne: Don´t bow, be aware of getting back into an upright position costs more and more time and pain :-) A 5mm needle certainly is of great help with speed knitting, LOL. Never before have I done a sweater in this time and wouldn´t have thought of such an outcome.
Knitting is helping a lot when having to face some less welcome issues in my life. So there are rather ambivalent feelings about progress.
But there is always something good to be found in anything.
Next month perhaps won´t show a whole sweater although I will try very hard because I simply need one and I prefer the tinier needles and lighter yarn weights.
May you all have a good time!