Thursday, January 22, 2009

52 Week Challenge


Whew, I finally finished my Sweetie Pie Socks:

Just a bit more than 4" leg so yay, I'm in! I'm so glad these are finally done, they're so comfy! I used Panda Cotton in the dotty lolipops colorway and US size 1.5 needles.

-kala (vegancraftastic)


Cathy said...

can't you pair another smaller item with the socks to get your 350 yard total?

The Sweetie Pie socks turned out great!! :-)

peacockmom said...

I was allowed to pair a scarf and fingerless mitts, so I would think adding a small item like a hat or scarf in the same yarn would qualify. I hope you don't leave the 52 week challenge. Maybe it could become 350 yards for the month so that a couple of pairs of socks, etc would add up to the total? I hope so.

drlaura said...

1. can you take another photo for me
of the socks with the leftovers?
2. how much is really left? are you sure you have that much leftover?
working on thinking things out.

kadezmom said...

They turned out lovely