Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finished the Mittens!! 52 Week Challenge

Today is my oldest daughter's 26 birthday. She requested these mittens to match the scarf and hat that I made her for Christmas. I wasn't sure if I would get these completed, but I did. Just finished and steamed them this morning!!

Now, these fall short of the 350 yard limit, but the important thing to me was that I posted the beginning picture and the finished picture in the time I had given myself to complete these.

I started a new skein of 250 yard yarn, and I didn't even use the entire thing. So, I guess I'm off to find a new project to complete by the end of January that meets the yardage requirement. That's okay--I have plenty of things in the back of my mind just waiting for me to make!

Having this blog has helped me immensely in finishing projects that I start, as well as the birthday deadline!!



adrienne said...

congrats, beth! you did it and your daughter will be so happy!

drlaura said...

so pretty! congrats!!