Tuesday, January 20, 2009

52-Week Knitalong

Adrienne got me set up for this (thank you Adrienne), but am not sure how long I will last. I know I mention (okay, whine about) it way too much, but the carpal tunnel is getting worse, so I am probably going to have to deal with surgery on it sometime ths year, which will put an end to the knitalong for me this go-round, unless I could complete 12 projects before I deal with surgery and call them my 12 months worth? Just asking, as I don't want to miss out on the fun, but I don't think I will be able to hold off on surgery until next year.
I couldn't resist those great slippers either that two of you have made, so am trying to get a pair done before the 31st. I also owe you all a pic of the felted elf slippers I made for my son, they are quite a kick (not to mention he will outgrow them and they will be mine, whoo-hoo!)!
Lots of great projects here, loved seeing the mittens, and that you got them done in time! Looking forward to seeing lots more cool knitting this year!


debi's place said...

I am sure that Adrienne will knit 12 pairs of socks for you so you can play. lol

adrienne said...

after she knits 12 pairs of socks for herself! get in line! grin...
"pairs!" debi is sooo funny!

peacockmom said...

I had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists 2 months apart many years ago (22 now) before the improved methods of today. A month after the first one, I painted our kitchen because the pain was so much less than before the surgery. I wouldn't recommend doing the painting so soon, but having the surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wish you well with it and wouldn't be surprised if you are knitting much sooner than you think. I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts--Tunie

drlaura said...

the moderators will be discussing this. it's a hardship for sure... but maybe we can consider a special category.
a suggestion for all concerned - you should write me - drlaura - privately with issues about exceptions and etc.

mtannie said...

Firstly, my apologies to you, Dr. Laura, for putting you (and the moderators!) on the spot; I should have thought about that. :o(
Secondly, Debi, I like the way you think!
Thirdly, Adrienne, see Debi's note, lol
And last but far from least, Tunie, thank you SO much for the encouragement, lately all I have heard are the negative aspects of surgery. Your comment is a ray of hope, so again, thank you. :o)