Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fair winners!

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Ladies, thank you so much for encouraging Katie to knit. She turned in to the county fair the items she made for the Holiday KAL and veggies from our garden. She won a first place for her cat toy and a participants ribbon for her cat blanket. I also won for the barcelona socks I entered for the 52-week and five other past Kal projects. I actually won a judge's choice ribbon and first place for the socks. You have all inspired us to strive for higher sights in the knitting world (especially socks for me.) I can not wait for the book so I can see and make your lovely designs. This has inspired her to finish the items she has and do more for next year. Seeing her pride in a job well done and being rewarded for it by meeting you all have touched this mommy's heart this weekend. I will remember the joy on her face for a long time to come. Thank you all so much.



peacockmom said...

Congrats to both of you! Just reading your story this morning has made my day. Lovely to be able to share your joy. Looking forward to watching Katie grow and see her future knitting blue ribbon projects (and yours too, Jody).
Cheers from peacockville down under-

mtannie said...

Wow,what yarn did Katy use for her cat blanket? The color is so yummy, I wanna be a cat (not to mention I would love to knit something using that yarn)! That, or your neighbor so I can beg for squash to bbq; I am trying to lose weight and squash on the grill is my current number one favorite veggie, with grilled carrots a close second. Your socks look great, although I wasn't able to enlarge that particular pic (the others I could). Aren't they a blast to knit? :o)

adrienne said...

congrats to katie (& you)! it is very exciting to win a ribbon at the fair! you both did great!

kadezmom said...


jdhforjc said...

She used Homespun from my stash! It is a burgungy and red. Icky to work with on crochet hooks. But, better to knit with on large needles.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Congrats to the both of you :-)