Tuesday, August 4, 2009

hi to everbody, from ny

hi all,
i'm iris a/k/a risiko on ravelry and everywhere. i'm so excited to be a member, there is nothing more fun than a mystery sock ! i've already started 2 other mystery socks on the needles this month, but i always make room for a design by adrienne or laura. i don't have a digital camera, because i keep spending the money i get saved up...this time on a pre-loved schacht matchless and a ladybug for a very good price, so i will have to post scans, unless i can find my 23 year old son and borrow his camera. and now i have a great excuse to blow my yarn diet and get the mini mochi i have been coveting since it came out.


adrienne said...

scans work for me!

i use to do that too before i got a digital camera. i make my son nuts because i will still take pics with my film camera too. ;o)

kadezmom said...

hi risiko! I'm kadezmom everywhere. Glad you joined us........and I think scans are great. Anyway I get to look at other people's stuff is good to me.

Knitlady said...

HI risiko, I'm in NY also. Finally a DRY day today in my area!!
I just got my invitation this morning and I'm excited. I've never been in a KAL for socks. I knit them from the Toe Up. I'm finishing up a pair today so I'll be all ready!

bev said...

Hey risiko, I am a newbie to this KAL group as well. And, live in NY! Semi-new to North Central NY to be exact. Looking forward to the group. Now, when do we start? chomps at bit

mtannie said...

All you NY-ers are makin me homesick for the east coast (but not the humidity, lol)! Grew up in CT, but lived in Bedford (or maybe it was Carmel?), favorite Deli is in Banksville, and worked in Port Chester at one point.
Welcome new knitters!