Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello from the US Pacific Northwest

Posting from the Pacific Northwest,

The local temperatures just dropped back to our normal summer lows so socks are once again on my brain. Weather like the just over extreme heat wave we had is the only time I don't wear socks thus a continuing supply is essential to my everyday wardrobe. I look forward to starting another new pair soon.



debi's place said...

Welcome. Just wondering what part of the Pacific NW are you from. I live 10 miles from the Canadian Border, 2 miles off I-5. Otherwise know as Ferndale, WA.

I agree it is nice to have our normal weather today.

jdhforjc said...

I live in McMinnville, Or. Wow, was it hot lately!
Where are you?

kadezmom said...

I live in Mn....and I had a pair of woolies on last night. Scary. However, you've sent your heat this way so I won't be in a couple of days. Glad to meet you.