Monday, August 3, 2009

Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl #13 + The Enchanted Sole

Hello, everyone!

I am a new member of this blog and I was asked to put up some pretties for everyone to ogle. So today I bring you my current WIP - the Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl #13. There are two clues out so far, and I finished the second one last night and took a few pictures - one of all of the shawl so far, and one a bit more close up.

I have to be sure to take a picture of the shawl on something super light or else the haze of my yarn - which is KnitPicks Shadow Juniper Heather - makes it hard to see the details properly. I love the zigzag pattern that is turning up!

Here's a close up so you can see the beaded pattern a bit better. The beads are Dyna-Mite brand size 6 - silver-lined, square hole, with a rainbow sheen on them. So they turn up all sorts of slightly different hues, even though their base is a nice dark green that matches the yarn pretty well. I got them at Fire Mountain Gems.

The orange lifeline, of course, is marking where clue one ends, though it's 2 rows off into clue 2 because I had forgotten to add it.

As for why I included The Enchanted Sole in my title - the author of this awesome-looking sock book has been hosting a contest in her blog. You just comment on her entries and every day she picks one person who commented to win one of the patterns from the book. I won Mermaid a few days ago, so I am super excited!


adrienne said...

pretty shawl. you will learn that i love lace and beads!

the mermaid socks look like a fun knit!

mtannie said...

Welcome to the KAL! Wow, that is yummy! I love the addition of the beads!

Calophi said...

The beads are a part of the mystery pattern. It uses a bit over 1400 beads supposedly, and I am still on my first box out of the 3 that I bought. So I'm expecting there to be even more beads on the shawl as more clues come out. :)

kadezmom said...

that is amazing!

debi's place said...


Pretty shawl. But, then that has been my passion as of late.