Wednesday, August 5, 2009

danger! will robinson, danger!!!!

i have an idea! yes, danger! i can be very dangerous.

i bet everyone here for the mystery sock kal is on ravelry? what if we do our chatting over there but used the blog to post official type progress and finished socks? i think it might be easier and more fun to chat about yarn choices and how you are doing with the pattern if we did it on ravelry. it's cumbersome to have to dig through comments to see what's going on.

we would be on the crystal palace yarns: kal's and other things forum.

leave me a comment. let me know what you think.


jdhforjc said...

Oh, Oh oh. Great idea!
I am knit-frog-knit on Rav

Brenda said...

Sounds good to me:

Brenda in Alberta

Owlsrook on Ravelry

Cathy said...

Great idea! Much easier to chat in Ravelry, I agree. And free to join if anyone is not on there yet.

EtownKnitter on Ravelry

peacockmom said...

Outstanding idea. So much easier to find the comments and respond.
How long do we have to wait to begin? You know I have to wait a day longer since I'm a day ahead of you, right? LOL

jdhforjc said...

The peacocks can keep you company in your lovely home though!

bev said...

grt idea! is the chat room feature optimized there? haven't checked, but that could add another dimension to the KAL. Did someone say Danger?

adrienne said...

i am getting the idea that "THAT" might be YOUR middle name.

chat room on rav? i barely can post a picture. though i will look into it if you all would be interested.

mtannie said...

I am MTAnnie on Ravelry; now I just have to remember where to go for what, and not get lost on any of Ravelry's many trails along the way, lol.