Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hi from Italy/Germany

Strange title you ask?

My name is Kerrie, I am pretty excited about a mystery sock KAL and I must be equally insane to commit to it too!

We are a military family living in Italy and are literally packing a move to Germany as I type!

I love to knit, especially socks and I love spinning and dyeing as well.


Kate said...

Hi Kerrie -- Which base are you moving to? We were at Patch (Stuttgart) until last year, and are moving back in January.

debi's place said...

Welcome, Happy to have you.

adrienne said...

germany-land of lotsa yarn opportunity! did you know that you can shop at the opal factory?!

kadezmom said...

Hi Kerrie, best wishes with your move and can't wait to see you on the flip side :D