Monday, September 28, 2009

Hi all,

I just finished my socks and submitted them for Charms homework in the Ravelry Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group. Here's a copy of the note to the professor.

Dear Professor Cattiekins,

I am handing in my homework, but I had some trouble with it. I did figure out what I did wrong and I hope that helps. Let me explain.

I was practicing the aguamenti charm as assigned. I made a small fire beside the lake and prepared myself mentally by standing in the water so that my feet and ankles were immersed. I thought this would help me to focus on water and make the charm easier. My intent was to use it to put out the fire.

I flourished my wand and said the charm and nothing seemed to happen, although my toes felt odd. I did it a second time and still no result other than an odd sensation on my feet. A third try extended the odd sensation to my ankles, but no stream of water was produced. I tried to step out of the lake, and to my dismay, realized that lake mint had grown around my feet and ankles. When I tugged my feet loose the twining plant had formed socks around both feet!

I saved them to show you and I believe my error was in pronunciation. I must have said “Agua-minty” instead of “Agua-menti” I’m sure I will do better next time.

StitchingMagic, 1st year Hufflepuff

I made them with Girlontherocks Blue Faced Leicester superwash in the color Tarnished. I'm quite proud of these and loved the pattern so much. Thanks Adrienne.


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adrienne said...

LOL! that is soooooooooo funny! i love it!

i love your "agua-mintys!"