Saturday, October 3, 2009

Clogs are us....

Here are 13 of the 20 pairs I made in 2 weeks. Yes I did get a few felted. All are Fiber Trends pattern.
First time every making the child size clogs. I am looking forward to seeing them felt up. They are the light pink ones in the middle.
Otherwise these are Christmas gifts. I can not even post about them on my own blog.
Just as I was working on the 19th pair my daughter told me her clogs had worn a hole in them. Guess I am not done clogging yet.

As we know there has to be a start picture.....this one above was started Oct 2, well finished Oct 2 also. Below, I used leftovers from the other clogs to make the inside sole on this pair. These are the bright pink pair in the photo above.


maz said...

My size would be women´s medium to large or 39-40 European size :-) in case you feel driven to do some more, LOL.

adrienne said...

which ones are mine?! i don't see any frog ones yet.

kadezmom said...

Wow, talk about ambition! I'm short footed...I'm a 37...does that up my odds? LOL. Just kidding! They look great.

Brenda said...

Wow Deb, you are going to be very popular at Christmas.

I just discovered I have the pattern, so will have to give these a try. So, thanks for the inspiration as well.

Hope at least one pair of those are for you.

Brenda (Owlsrook)

jdhforjc said...

Where is this pattern? This looks like a great holiday gift! I need some serious frogs too.