Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, do you have a list?

debi thought it would be fun to post a list of your objectives and then to see how many you actually finish by the end of the kal.

i don't have a list myself. i figure that if i finish anything at all, that will be gift enough for me! :)

so, who wants to start?

i should tell you that debi has been on a clog kick and has knit like 300 million pairs of clogs in the past two weeks (actually i think she said 18 pairs). so if any of you are thinking of gifting clogs, you might just be able to sneak that onto her list ... she probably won't notice that extra 20 pairs.


debi's place said...

Yes, I have a pair on my needles right now.

My family will have warm feet.

adrienne said...

"we ARE FA-MA-LEE! all my carefree sisters and ME!" lalalalala

you want our addresses?! :)

debi's place said...

Oh the clog list just got longer. My dd just called. In talking to her she mentioned her clogs had worn a hole in them. What better compliment than wearing them out?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed....18 pairs of clogs in two weeks, I'm surprised the needles didn't melt!! LOL!!

My WIP list...I have three pair of socks on the needles, might start a fourth pair, and I want to participate in the 50 States 50 Socks KAL.

'Twill be interesting to see what I get accomplished!!

Brenda said...

O.K. now I'm really feeling outknit. 18 pair of clogs...what pattern are you using for these, would love to see some pictures.

Maybe I'll add a pair to my Christmas knitting list (a pair for me). HO HO HO


jdhforjc said...

Me too, pattern please.