Friday, October 2, 2009

My plan for the Holiday KAL

OK, Adrienne asked for our lists, so here's mine:


1. a Prayer Shawl for my friend who has been having a rough time lately. I chose this yarn in a color I think she'll like, and I think she'll appreciate that I knit this for her:
10.02.09 002
That is my number 1 goal for this KAL because I'm not always good at sticking with large projects and this should give me motivation to finish it!

2. I'd like to knit a pair of socks for my Dad for Christmas. I haven't decided on yarn or a pattern yet, but something in worsted weight most likely because that's what he prefers. He sleeps in them.

3. I want to attempt the Solid Socks mystery sock pattern using my red Panda Cotton. This looks like a very challenging pattern already and we're just on the first clue!! But I'm posting it here, again, to motivate myself to try it:
10.02.09 003

I'm also doing another mystery sock that I plan on being my November finished project. I'll post on that later!

Knit on, everyone!


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jdhforjc said...

Ooh, I made a prayer shawl out of this yarn too. I have some more that a friend gave me. Maybe another shawl or a sweater (my first one) for Katie and her doll. Very ambitious.