Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big hug from way down under

Many thanks to Dr. Laura and Adrienne for your efforts all year keeping this KAL going and especially to Susan of CPY for your generosity in giving us such lovely yarn.

I will post my current CPY project soon. I'm almost finished with Lulu in my fav yarn color: ultramarine. It drapes beautifully and I know I will enjoy wearing it.

My prize choice is for mini-mochi which is my favorite yarn. I wear that little shawlette/scarf I knit a few months ago a lot and always get compliments when I'm out. I wear it a lot at home, too. Soft, lightweight, comfy and I can knit with it on which as we all know is important in judging whether we will wear something, right? :)

I hope to have Adrienne's jasmine mitts finished before winter here in July.

Congrats to all the winners and best wishes for a wonderful holiday filled with knitting enjoyment to all of you-
xoox from peacock paradise

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