Monday, December 14, 2009


and the odds of winning were pretty good. we had a final total of 86 projects knit by 17 members! our generous sponsor, susan (of crystal palace yarns), has allowed us to draw not just 8, but 9 winners!

using the random number generator, i matched those numbers with your project numbers. the winners are:
  • peacockmom
  • debi the "clog queen" =)
  • jill
  • angie k
  • gablesdeb
  • nolaboard
  • waistcoateer
  • denver nash
  • yoyosocksister
there were 9 projects which qualified for the special drawing for projects made with crystal palace yarns. each project counted as one entry. and just for fun, i left my 3 projects in the mix. i used the old fashioned "name on a piece of paper, draw name from hat" method for this. my son helped me draw....
  • adrienne
  • adrienne
  • adrienne
what are the odds?! if only i could do that with the lottery! LOL! so, drawing one more name - the final winner for the CPY project drawing is:
  • cathy (n3tue)
ladies and gentleman, you have each won 2 skeins of crystal palace yarn of your choice of yarns and colors. please email me at:

carefreekal at gmail dot com

with your mailing address and TWO yarn choices with TWO color choices. i will send these on to susan after i hear from everyone.


ps. the rule is i get to keep the yarn if you don't send me all the information.

we all wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! feel free to keep posting projects through the end of the year. i will be back soon with the details for a new 2010 year long kal.


nolaboard said...

Oh boy! Thanks! I'm excited.

debi's place said...

sounds like me last year when I kept track of the records.

Yippee thanks. I will be looking forward to playing with a yarn I have not had the chance to play with.

I am going with the Mochi Plus.

Thanks again,Great job with this Adrienne.


peacockmom said...

MANY thanks for the surprise and the efforts and generosity of all who make this KAL possible. I have "met" some special people here and living here in the forest of rural Oz, it means even more to me than you can imagine.

I'd love some mini mochi in neptune or intense rainbow, please. That yarn is fun to knit and I wear that little shawlette/scarf I knit in the neptune a lot. :)

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year from way down under here in peacock paradise xoxo

kadezmom said...

Whoooo hooooooo!!!!!

Congrats winners! :D!!

Adrienne, I think you were MEANT to win. Must be from your generosity of sharing such a wonderful kal sock pattern

enjoy! Can't wait to see everyone's loot!

Calophi said...

Haha, if they don't send you the info you can give ME the yarn! I could use a nice solid color of panda silk to go with my variegated one....

YoYo SockSister said...

Woo Hoo - I am soooo excited! Thank you!!! Going to email you my information right now.