Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh My Goodness....

That's so exciting to win something. I never win things. Now, I need some help since I don't know anything about CPY Yarns. None of the LYS around here sell it. So I need opinions from "those in the know" about what I should pick as my prize. (Though I'm sure they are all fabulous anyway!)

Thanks again for letting me be part of your KAL. I love them (and loved the sock KAL). Thanks for such generous donators of yarn to this KAL also. Such a great Christmas present!



Cathy said...

If you like to knit socks, their sock yarns are wonderful!! Since I prefer non-wool sock yarn, I love their Panda Cotton, Panda Soy and Maizy (made of corn). The Panda Silk is also wonderful made of bamboo, wool and silk.

You can see all the yarns here:

The non-wool yarns are a little more splitty than wool so if you prefer wool, their Mini Mochi is really nice with the long color changes similar to Noro. I haven't tried it yet, but the projects I've seen knit with it are beautiful (just scroll through this blog)!

Those are some of my personal favorites!!

adrienne said...

it's "all good!" really. i think your choice depends on what you want to knit.

i love the mini mochi for scarves and the shawlettes... panda superwash and the silk for socks. i do have a preference for wool over the cotton and soy but that is just me. i haven't knit with the soy yet.

nolaboard said...

In worsted weight, I think the Taos colorways are really lovely, and they keep adding to them! I've made some cute baby hooded towels with the cotton chenille, and also a cuddly washable baby blanket with bamboozle. I liked them all!