Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's Up?

I am a groundhog - coming out of my burrow to see the sun.
Oops, wrong time of year.!
I am Dorothy, trying to get to the Emerald City.
You mean that's not me either?

Well, anyway, here's what's been keeping me and Adrienne and a lot of folks busy!

The 50 Socks - 50 States (plus Canada, Mexico, and the US territories) CD/Book is beginning to ship very very soon. It has 57+ Sock Patterns, along with Fun Facts Info for every State & Country & Territory featured.
Our fearless KAL leader - Adrienne - has a really smashing design! Look for the lovely sky blue sock with diamonds! [oh? not diamonds?] The sock is called Bling and comes in two versions - subtle, and not so.
While a shipment next week means the CD/Book will be a belated HOL gift for yourself or a friend, we think it has a lot of fun designs, and hopefully much inspiration! Adrienne's already working on the plans for KAL's in 2010.!

Email me
proflaura AT firststepinternet DOT com

for info - or go to Paypal with the appropriate total from the following

1. $27.18 for US First Class
2. $30.40 for US priority
3. $27.46 for Canada First Class
4. $29.41 for International First Class

blessings, :L,

ps from adrienne: click on the pictures for better view of socks!!!!!


drlaura said...

I tried really hard to make this look pretty and not a lot of empty space!
feels as if 'preview' isn't REALLY a preview...
oh well.

peacockmom said...

The sock pics are giving me just the revitalization I needed to get back to sock knitting. I see several that are calling to me and look forward to knitting and sharing them here.

Since my copy of the 50/50 will take longer to get way down under, I will start my new year's knitting with Adrienne's Margaritaville with the yarn I won and just received from the "destiknit" blog yarn gifting recently. It is "Amerika" and reminds me of our peahen's coloring. What a perfect way to begin the new year and get back to socks again. :) Almost finished with my ultramarine LULU and will post before end of the year along with "Dandie" (my name for the shawl without a name by Adrienne)in the peacock gradiance yarn. Then onward to socks in January. YIPPEE!

adrienne said...

hi laura

i played with your post...does it look better now?

kadezmom said...

I'm lovin' it.

jaerrt said...

My faves are Oregon, Louisianna and, of course, Canada! Beautiful patterns.

jdhforjc said...

Wow! My computer is now fixed! Yeah, I am so behind. These look soo pretty and a great Christmas present for me! I can not wait.

drlaura said...

Yes, Adrienne, thank you!