Tuesday, December 15, 2009


brought me back to sock knitting.

circle socks (rav link)
in a pear tree! for really!!!!

you know i can't follow a pattern to save my life. added k1tbl. p1 ribbing for about 1 inch; and then changed the heel to a mini heel flap/gusset with garter stitch short row heel, and a garter stitch wedge toe...just cause i thought they would be "cute!"

these will be for my niece as i cannot find the pair of rainbow socks i was originally going to give her. they are "somewhere"! just not somewhere i can see them...groan.

almost done with pimpeliesse scarf too. this scarf would be gorgeous in mini mochi. may have to knit another one when this one is finished.

so what else have you all been knitting?


kadezmom said...

I am in LOVE. off to queue these too. My OTN list is soooooooooo long, I'm betting several will hit the frog pond and will be started over. SIsnt' life grand?

adrienne said...

bring your glass on down...we have a full pitcher on hand! :))