Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dishcloth or washcloth. This is one of the first, done with some Peaches and Creme cotton from my stash. The cats have eaten all the labels, so I have no idea what the color code is. Excuse the blue thread; it is part of the provisional cast on. No needle gauge - the cats hid all the needles also, so I grabbed chopsticks. Anyone want some cats, cheap?

So far, there are five of them (cloths, not cats) and I am casting on for the sixth. That will about do it - now all I have to do is find someone with a kitchen or bath in green or yellow and gift them with these. Sigh. Got to quit buying grab bags - I use up all my favorite colors and end up with a lot of less favorite colors. That's okay, February will be socks in a gorgeous color.

Regards to all, aj in Milwaukee


Julie said...

I already have 2 cats, I have been fortunate that they haven't done too much damage to my stuff. The dishcloths are gorgeous, is there a pattern available for them?

aj said...

Sorry for the delay - new to this and just figured out there are comments. Pattern is from a KAL, but I think it is the same as this one:
If you look at the six finished ones, each is slightly different - I tried varying techniques. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

aj said...

Phooey - the link did not show. Sorry. It is from Sew-Funky. http: // www dot scribd dot com/doc/12416329/The-Windmill-Dishcloth . Just remove spaces and change "dot" to a period.