Friday, January 15, 2010

January Progress (or lack there of...)

So, there is my Shalom Cardigan nearly completed and then there it is again.... completely frogged! I have never frogged an entirely finished project (or 600yrds!), but it was too big and too shapeless and I knew I wouldn't be happy with it, so there it went. I really should have trusted the pattern and not used so many mods from other knitters. My SO (who normally doesn't comment on my knitting) was in shock that I would rip out an entire adult sweater, but it really had to be done.

So, I have cast on again following the pattern more closely. The only mods I have planned to do are to shorten the yoke section slightly and to add a couple more button holes. Now, hopefully, I haven't lost my mojo with this project and I will still have it done by the end of January! Live and learn... and keep knitting...right??? LOL

Jill (jaerrt)


adrienne said...

you need a big ((((hug))))

come on down to the frog pond and sit by me. bring your glass. did you want to name your frog after "debi" too?! all my frogs bear a form of her name...heehee.

it hurts but you wouldn't have worn it if you weren't happy with it.

you wanna talk about that lace shawl i've frogged more than knit?!

debi's place said...

Ribbet, AKA Debi here hopping on over to give you a hug.

Sorry to hear about it. I agree that if your not happy not worth keeping.

Good Luck on the next one.

peacockmom said...

Oh how I can relate to the frogging! My Dandie shawl was the 3rd pattern with the gradiance yarn (with false starts on each previous pattern I'm not even counting) and in the end I'm VERY happy I frogged and knit until I loved the result.

Better to have frogged and wear than not to frog and never wear. Right? Right! Lots of company here in the pond. Hugs from roo land--