Saturday, November 8, 2008


Scarf, made from organic merino (Nimbus no 413), 400m total.


VeganCraftastic said...

Very pretty, what pattern did you use?

debi's place said...

Will this pattern be in english soon?

Did you post a progress picture of this I can not seem to find it?

Looks really nice.

maz said...

The pattern is on ravelry as Rippenschal and for free in yahoo group Weihnachtsgeheimnis, where 2friends and I post our free patterns. German and English instructions for Rippenschal are given there.
As for the pictures: There will be some in my camera. Will post them asap. I am so busy knitting down my list for christmas, that I always seem to forget about something. Pease excuse my illiterate bahaviour.

debi's place said...

Sorry I did not wait long enough for the english pattern to be posted. I have now gone and downloaded it. Thanks for a fun pattern.