Monday, November 3, 2008

Frogs and Dishcloths?????

Friends for Adrienne and something to use to clean up after being at the pond.

Yep that is the current progress. Since Adrienne spends so much time at the Frog pond I thought I would make frog slippers to taunt her while she is there. She said she talks to the frog while there. This is another in my critters patterns so I am not sure how they will turn out.

Also a simple dishcloth for the heck of it. Was chatting on the phone and so I just grabbed needles and cotton and started knitting.

This is a pair of sock that I played with patterns. "A Play with Patterns" is what I will name them. I casted on and then started playing with different 4 stitch patterns. When I liked what I had, I repeated it. Fun knit if I can say so myself. The yarn is "On Your Toes" I used 350 yards for them. The yarn has Aloe Vera in it. I wonder if that will mean soft feet.
This pair of socks was a test knit for the Sockathon Yahoo group. This is the Nov. pattern. I finished them last month but could not post them until now. The designer is Kala Hotakainen. I sent them off before I could get better pictures of them. These are in Panda Soy and I used 350 yards.


adrienne said...

you really shouldn't taunt me, you know. do you want me to tell about your bunny slippers? hey, pm me if you want to know what the slippers almost became! ;D

i named one of the frogs after you.

debi's place said...

I don't know anyone who spends as much time at the frog pond as you.

Yep my bunny slippers have had a life all their own.

Tangled said...

So when are you going to have your patterns written and available to those of us not so talented?