Monday, November 3, 2008

Two finished objects

I got lots of great knitting time this weekend (it was the last weekend of soccer, so Saturday was a long day), and finished the pinwheel blanket I'm knitting, as well as a scarf for a friend of mine.

First, the pinwheel blanket. This is for my husband's cousin, who is having a baby in December; we'll be seeing her next week, though, so I'm glad to have it done so I can give it to her in person.
It took three skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Solid, at 220 yards a skein, so 660 yards total. I ended up knitting a moss stitch border on it, which I'm pretty happy with.
I may have to knit one of these for me!

I also finished the scarf I'm knitting for a friend out of my handspun yarn; this is a merino/tencel blend, and I used about 200 yards of it for the scarf.
The stitch is out of one of Barbara Walker's books, a basic feather and fan with a cable in the middle.
So there they are. And since I'm one of the ones who was posting intermediate yarn amounts (sorry!), I'll put my full totals for FOs here, and not post any more yardage until I finished something else (if I manage it; that sweater is hanging over my head).
Neckwarmer: 150 yards
Scarf: 200 yards
Socks: 300 yards
Baby blanket: 660 yards
Grand total: 1310 yards (did I do that math right?)

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adrienne said...

not a problem. we are all in a learning mode here.

scarf is gorgeous. you're sending me some handspun, right?! ;P