Sunday, November 2, 2008

Go Socks, No Camera, Ugh!

I finished my first pair of socks yesterday, but I can't find my camera, ugh! I have started 2 more pairs (only one will get done by the deadline, I am sure), but unless I can get a "start" pic soon, I worry they won't count, so how far is too much? One pair is going to be toe-up with the leftover yarn from my first pair, I figure that is easier than trying to figure out the yardage from the first one, since I used yarn from 4 CPY Panda skeins. :o)
The 2nd pair is also using 4 skeins of CPY Panda, so I guess if I actually got them done in time, I will have to guess at their yardage, yummy colors (will post which ones if I ever find my camera, lol) using the free Charade pattern found through Ravelry.
Lots of awesome projects popping up here, what inspiration!
Congratulations Halloween winners!

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adrienne said...

progress means you can't wear them because your toes would still be sticking out it or those needles around the leg are considered embellishment.