Thursday, November 6, 2008

mini-mochi #1

toddler sock i just finished, using the exciting new mini-mochi yarn from crystal palace.
it is a superwash merino and is so very very soft and luxurious.
it is also, LOL, addictive... very much hard to stop!

right now i feel very blessed to get to test the yarn as there's only enough for samples for the moment. shipments will be coming soon! except, LOL, you are going to have to come to my house and search for it. i want at LEAST 2 of every color Mini-Mochi and am thinking 10 of each color might be more reasonable, so i can roll around in it and braid it into my hair and ....
er um.
for this yarn? i'd give up chocolate.


kadezmom said...

I bit the bullet and looked. OH MY!!!!! I'm going to be in serious trouble if my lys carries this!!! I can understand why you'd want at LEAST 2 of every color, for every MEMBER OF THE FAMILY!!!

maz said...

Beautiful yarn!

Maria said...

oooooh ! I just love it! Can't wait to find it!!!

rita said...

I might give up chocolate for that yarn, too! I LOVE the colors.