Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tally Time... Even though I have much more OTN

Ok looks like it's tally up time.

Here is the face mask hat I made for my sisters ex-husband number 1. Yeah there are more then 1, lol. I used Red heart super saver yarn in green... It took almost a whole skein... 352 yards crocheted

These are Christmas Ornaments. These are what I have been working on for the past two weeks. I am using red heart yarn for these too, in red white and green. I have made 19 Ornaments so far and they are crocheted and I have used 168 yards of yarn so far. They average about 7 yards each except for the candy canes, they take about 14 yards.

This is a candy cane heart dishcloth I knitted. I love this pattern. I used 100% cotton Peaches and Creme and it took 120 yards.

I posted about this Olympic scarf last month, it's finally finished and in the mail to a lucky athlete. This wavy scarf was fin to make and I already have a request from my niece to make her one just like it but in pink and purple. I knitted this using red heart yarn in white and delft blue, I used 3/4 of a skein of each color... total yards... 480.

I also showed one of these cloths started and one finished last month, I have since finished the second one and here is the picture of them both.

Peaches and Creme Christmas colors, I knitted these using 220 yards total for the two cloths.

Aunt Kathy


drlaura said...

sweet items!!
love the candy canes

kadezmom said...

I didn't know you were making another face mask hat!!! You sneak *wink* Again those christmas cloths are on my top 10 favs... (both of em, I can't pick)