Sunday, November 30, 2008

some very important rules!

please read the rules on the sidebar.

here are the important ones:
  • must post picture of project in progress to blog. (no need to list yardage)
  • must post picture of finished project to blog; listing yards used and whether knit or crochet.
  • pictures of finished projects must be posted by noon, december 8th in order to qualify for entries for final drawing.
some of you are off to a roaring start. it will be fun to see what we all manage to finish in 2 months. as for me, i started and have already been down to talk to the frogs. this may be a long two months.

eta: sticky to top of blog.


debi's place said...

It is ok that Adrienne is talking to the frogs as she has named them. If ya name them then they are family and you must like them.

I am thinking of making frog slippers for the pond.

jdhforjc said...

He, he. You guys are so bad! My question is what if a project is knit and crocheted (minimally.) Do I just count it as knit or do I have to crochet 150 yds aside from my knitting projects? I do have both to do so whatever. I just want to do this right.
Jody (18)

debi's place said...

I have been adding the yards together so like if you knitted a pair of socks and it took 350 yards. You would have 3 100yard entries and 50 to add to next projects left over yards. If that makes since to you.

So to answer your question just give me the yardage of both and I will plug them in.

Adrienne and I have been called "BAD" a few times.

jdhforjc said...

ok, so it doesn't matter if i knit and crochet just get the yardage correctly to you.

adrienne said...

to debi

speak for yourself! ;P

debi's place said...

Nope it does not matter if as long as you let me know # of knit and # of crochet.

Tangled said...

some bad in the world is a great thing.

Maria said...

oh, I was roaring in the beginning and then life happened!! Ha ha Congrats to everyone who got their lists completed!! Happy gift-giving!! Wait, I still have time!

adrienne said...

yes, maria, you still have time...that is why we started so early. sneaky, huh!? i didn't make a list so anything i finish is a plus!!!