Friday, December 5, 2008

voting for Prize 1

"favorite project made with crystal palace yarns"

First- final details:
our official kal has ended. i cannot believe that the two months are already over.
you still have a week to post any projects which were finished as of november 30th, 11:59 pm (whatever time zone).
debi has been tracking the number of projects started, finished, and how many yards we've used. you will be amazed!

Now: here we have the projects which qualify for the "favorite project made with cpy" contest. you will get to vote for your favorite project. in case of a tie, we will resort to the old-fashion "draw a name from a margarita glass".

i am sure that you will agree that all of them are wonderful. it will be hard to pick just one!! good luck to everyone!

fingerless gloves (panda soy, stained glass):

2. merletto mitts (panda wool, red lacquer):

3. through the loop mystery socks (panda cotton, fuchsia):

4. sweetie pie socks (panda soy, poppy red):

5. emily stitch socks (panda wool, violets & periwinkle):

6. basketweave socks (panda wool, basil curry):

7. monkey socks (panda wool, circus):

8. husband socks (panda soy, sable):


9. charade socks (panda wool, periwinkle & violets):

10. toe-up socks (panda soy, cocoa mint):

let the voting begin. voting will close on monday, december 8th at noon (pst).

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Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Wow, there are some really inspiring projects here!

What fun to see our yarn used in so many different ways.

Susan at CPY